Monday, December 23, 2013

Meanwhile, in pending mass tragedies

Last month, Senator James Imhofe's son died in a plane crash. Obviously, that is a personal family tragedy. But in discussing this, Inhofe had a rather disconcerting statement to make...I know he makes disconcerting statements all the time...but this was rather revealing.
"I probably shouldn't say this, but I seem to have gotten more, at least as many, maybe more, of communications from some of my Democrat friends. And I'm a pretty partisan Republican," Inhofe said on NBC's "Meet the Press." "They realize that you've lost someone, and that brings us closer together." ... "

Something like this happens, and all of a sudden the old barriers that were there, the old differences, those things that keep us apart just disappear," he said. "Those defined positions, they don't change. But your attitude changes. And I can't help but think when I'm confronting someone on something on which we disagree, that I know how they responded to my loss."
Again, sorry for your loss...but did you really think people on the other side really were that much of a cartoon portrait that you believed them incapable of expressing actual humanity? But no more so than the actual policy positions of James Inhofe.
Organizations that actively block efforts to address climate change are funded by a large network of conservative donors to the tune of nearly $1 billion a year, according to the first in-depth study into the dark money that fuels the denial effort.
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StonyPillow said...

Just about the only thing Republican Teabaggers and Libertarians share is their motto:

“I’ve Got Mine — F**k You”

Doesn’t surprise me at all that they ignored Inhofe in his moment of personal tragedy. Their philosophy is very liberating, if you can live with yourself.

Montag said...

Ah, well, this reminds me of the relationship of Pete Domenici and Paul Wellstone. Domenici had treated Wellstone as an outright commie when Wellstone first arrived in the Senate, but his attitude only changed when Wellstone started working on a mental health support bill, because Domenici had a daughter with mental problems. On that issue, they could work together.

So, now, at a moment of personal loss, Inhofe doesn't think Democrats have horns and tails, because of how they treated him at that moment of personal loss. It's a change in attitude, yes, but, one not likely to last.

donnah said...

My surprise in this article was that Inhofe has friends.

Anonymous said...

"communications from some of my Democrat friends....."

Couldn't bring himself to say 'Democratic'; he had to go with the slur, even now. That boy ain't right.

A said...

Imhofe is surprised that his Democratic counterparts are capable of human compassion.

I'm sorry for your loss, Senator. Your pain is unimaginable.

But you are a douche, nonetheless.

pansypoo said...

inhofe was made a bit more human, i bet he hates that.

Anonymous said...

did you really think people on the other side really were that much of a cartoon portrait that you believed them incapable of expressing actual humanity?

Yes he did, because he's projecting what Repukes would do to a Dem in his situation.

Anonymous said...

Inhofe just realized that his party is filled with self-absorbed, apathetic assholes.

Anonymous said...


I used to be a fan of this website back then, when bill and Hillary Clinton were fashionable and democrats stood for something.

Then Obama happened, and I immediately saw right thru him, but y'all were so besotted with him coz white peeps are racist and stuff.

So I said to my self, "to heck with y'all, you kool-aid swigging Obamabots."

Then Obama won the election and I was gloomy, and you rubbed it in coz I'm a wild, tea-partying, crazed RACIST.

But I sez to myself, again, Obama will fail, and the Obots will realize their folly, and we'll throw the bum out in 2012 and elect Sarah Palin, and all will be well.

But silly me, Obama whipped Romney's a$§, and I was down and gloomy again, and y'all called me a stupid tea-party republicunt and laughed and laughed and laughed at me, over and over and over again and again and again. But I sez, again, to myself, "the progressive philosophy is naturally flawed. it will not work. the stimulus will not work. the economy won't recover. wealth re-distribution will lead to a poorer and even more divided (racially and economically) society. OBAMACARE WILL BE A DISASTER." I sez these things to my gloomy self a second time....

Now I return to your website. I see you still hate Sarah palin and teabaggers and conservatives. So I sez, to myself, for the first time, "I shall conduct a search on this here website. I shall search for the word 'care', as in Obamacare, case-insensitively, and look for signs and symptoms of remorse, now that Obamacare is a disaster."

But I find not the word.

On a whole front page of a website there's no mention of this stupid law. Attartuk's subscription to the stupid insurance is unknown.


just... wow!

ho ho ho ...


I am thankful that I was not born stupid. I live a happy life on this earth on account of my aversion to dumb stuff like progressivism. My life in the afterlife, after I die, will also be very happy.

kingweasil said...

wit and wisdom 101