Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Aside from being rather creepily obsessed with his female producers, middle-eastern grains, and killing people...I mean especially the latter, Bill O'Reilly styles himself as the premier old white guy expert on all things African-American (or as he says "Negro"). It gets rather embarrassing...this embarrassing.
Bill O'Reilly brought Megyn Kelly on his Monday show to have a discussion about the concept of "white privilege."

He asked Kelly if she believed it was real. "There's a lot of evidence behind it," Kelly said. No, this wasn't a rift in the space-time continuum.


Anonymous said...

WP, Yes! After 2009 subprime foreclosure/eviction from FL to CO, my white great-grandmother and grandmother had the "white privilege" of being assaulted during handgun-armed robbery by a black hoodie in Birmingham AL; meanwhile the Big O was hosting his fatuous black double-team on white ('privilege') BEER Summit. Grapes Of WRATH, InDeed!

w3ski said...

I had No idea you were so "world wide" except from the web of course.

Anonymous said...

But of course! What could be more informative on the subject of white privilege than to have two grossly-overpaid, marginally talented, and seriously bigoted white people talk about it on TV?

I'm sure everybody came away from that better informed. Just not about white privilege.