Friday, August 22, 2014

"It was the best of times, it was the "Giuliani Time(s)""

One of the advantages of being soulless and ignorant is that you are not governed against the stench of your own stupidity in the past.
Hannity: "Let me educate you about the legal system in America." Bynes: "I don't need your kind of education."
Yes, if nothing else Sean Hannity can "educate" about the legal system in America and how it works for a person of color.
The father of chief defendant Justin Volpe, an NYPD police officer, regularly appeared on show during the 1999 trial. And Hannity and various guests repeated rumors that Louima's injuries resulted from a "gay sex act" and not from police brutality. Playing on the homosexual rumor and inconsistencies in Louima's story, Hannity and his producer sang a parody of Lionel Richie's song "Three Times a Lady," changing the words to "you're once, twice, three times a liar." Hannity stopped referring to the victim as "Lying Louima" only after Volpe confessed to sodomizing Louima with the help of another officer
I'm sure the "education" extends to the numerous times Louima's (and Michael Brown, Travon Martin etc.) treatment is compared to the contract FoxNews gave Oliver North. [cross-posted at Firedoglake]


Unknown said...

The great thing about having a political-commentator model of news in this country is that you never have to issue a retraction.

Oh, that and your audience has short attention spans.

That's pretty great, too.

Guys like Hannity are shameless misanthropes, and I have no interest in what they have to say.

Anonymous said...

Straying slightly from the topic, while the wingnuts rally to Officer Wilson's defense and refer to "those people" as thugs and looters, Bank of America settled the (to date) largest fraud case in US history, agreeing to some $17 billion dollars in fines and penalties...probably funded at least in part by taxpayers who bailed them out, and likely with the usual "no expression of guilt actual or implied" phrase added.

There's looting...and then there's looting...