Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Way to take Irony right to the grave

The Second Amendment, is the Darwin Award catch-all for the illiterate Amendment reader (who needs an opening clause anyway?).

Anyhow there's this.

And ALSO this.


Jackie Bush said...

This short clip, preceded by unavoidable ad, is a symbol of Comedy Central's "Daily Show". A mountain of staggered-scheduled Tosh.0 reruns to support a show that's on once in a while?!?!

pansypoo said...

bitch bitch bitch. sounds like it stings.

sadly our coming minority will not matter for a few decades.

Raoul Paste said...

What's with the whacko trolls lately?
Just wanted to check in and say that us regulars are still here, and are cheering on the Turkmeister.

Also, Fox's. Billo. Is truly a horrible human being.

kingweasil said...

the militarizing of our police forces is progressing as planned, and getting a little scary