Friday, August 01, 2014

What's old is new again

I appreciate the fact that you are calling them out in asking for balance, but... Were you people at the Guardian born yesterday, or have never watched American news before?
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StonyPillow said...

Coming up on 0.1% of the population of Gaza killed, and 0.5% wounded.

Montag said...

"New" seems to be a word very much out of place, at least for the last forty years, anyway.

kingweasil said...

maybe they just found bob schieffer,hard hitting journalist,and when he agrees w/your position,an expert at softball interviews and strategies...("In the Middle East, the Palestinian people find themselves in the grip of a terrorist group that has embarked on a strategy to get its own children killed in order to build sympathy for its cause, a strategy that might actually be working, at least in some quarters")...ok bob.

pansypoo said...

butbutbut there's no death camps.

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