Thursday, August 28, 2014

I dunno...maybe men should be more intelligent?

The former president of The George Washington University on Tuesday joined the chorus of individuals telling college women to simply drink less in order to avoid sexual assault.

During a discussion of Greek life at U.S. colleges on The Diane Rehm Show, Dr. Stephen Joel Trachtenberg weighed in on the issue of sexual assault, Jezebel noted on Wednesday. Trachtenberg tried to hedge his remarks on drinking and rape by first noting that sexual assault victims should not be blamed, but he still asserted that women really need to learn to drink less.
Double ugh.
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett (R) thinks his state should reform its liquor laws. That way, he argued, women would have an easier job making dinner.
But don't drink any of that liquor ladies...that liquor is for dudes, enabling sexual assaults...just water for you, as to stave them off. 

 Oh and...

USA!   USA!   USA!


pansypoo said...

well, drinking too much makes it easier.

donnah said...

Jiminy crickets. FFS, how about a mandatory class for men, called Don't Rape 101. How about these chuckleheads stop blaming the vicitms for being raped? How about if men start drinking less, so they don't feel empowered to rape?

I just don't even...

Anonymous said...

Sure Dr. TractorBeam isn't of the George W. Bush school? Even "W" knew better'n to rape; Laura would've run his alki USA$$ DOWN!

Anonymous said...

There are always exceptions that prove the rule, but by and large, people who need three names tend to be pompous and self-important twits.

Like Dr. Stephen Joel Trachtenberg.

(The flaunting of the academic doctorate can also count as a fourth name.)

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Mr. 618 said...

ALL college students need to drink less. The guys need to drink less -- as noted above -- so they don't feel empowered to rape, but the ladies also need to drink less (I used to work at a college, and I saw some amazingly drunk females... several of whom were so smashed, they were hitting on me, and begging me to take them to bed. Yeah, not happening)

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