Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Yes, it has come to this

A proud day indeed.
Egypt on Tuesday urged U.S. authorities to exercise restraint in dealing with racially charged demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri
In our defense (via FoxNews, naturally) it is possible that many political protesters in Cairo had not had a "one-hitter" within several weeks of when they were shot six-times at point blank range. It's all about context (as you wish to fashion it from reality). [Cross-posted at Firedoglake]


pansypoo said...

at least it isn't florida. justice might have a chance.

Laslo Pferg said...

The Palestinian have nothing. No seaport, no airport, no international trade, no boarders to keep open or closed,no economy, no freedom to do anything that the government and people of Israel can't control because they hold all the cards. They have uncontested military superiority and no, repeat no motivation to move beyond the status quo - which is we keep building settlements, expand greater Israel and continue refusing to negotiate because we don't like the people we should negotiate with. As if. As if that were some prerequisite. You negotiate with your enemies, not people who you approve of. So the Palestinians keep firing rockets. Good for them. It's all they have. Why should they stop? Really, tell me why should they stop? Israel benefits, repeat benefits fron the status quo.