Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Prediction Central

So, how long will it take BP to replace their oil pipeline?

And I ask this especially right now with record high gas prices! So, if we are staring at a high jump in prices, how high will they go? And does this mean that we should avoid buying gas from BP? And I wonder how long it took to "discover" that there was 16 miles of corroded pipeline? Considering that moving the oil was the primary aspect of the business, wouldn't we all think that BP would closely monitor the situation? I know if my business depended on it, I would.

And now there are reports that the pipeline has not been tested or cleaned properly since 1992! So, what could have been a minor shut down of days or weeks... now becomes a shut down of so long a time that BP will not even set a completion date.

This is not a stand alone incident for BP; they have had refinery fires, oil spills, and now this incompetence. Damn, we all should buy our gas somewhere else or avoid buying gas as much as possible.

Of course, this may just be an attempt to make even more money off the back of the American people! Hell, with oil men -- even failed oil men -- in charge of the white house, BP knows it can do whatever it wants. BP may make a LOT more money because the pipeline is shut down, what is their incentive to get it fixed quickly?

I feel pretty angry and snarky about it. What do all of you think? How high will the prices go? Will BP be held accountable for this mess and its consequences?

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