Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Continuing their theme

Of showing themselves as "nice people" who like the elderly (as discussed below) NBC News offers this preview of the rest of the week of stories about wealthy people looking like they give a shit about older people:

"Hello, I'm Brian Williams, continuing our series of the dilemmas of growing older in America the rest of the week on the NBC Nightly News features these stories:

On Wednesday, NBC Correspondent Andrea Mitchell discusses the difficulties of living with erectile dysfunction.

Thursday, NBC Washington Bureau Chief Tim Russert discusses dealing with seniors living in the throes of senile dementia.

Friday, Tom Brokaw discusses how people are taking advantage and making a profit from the experiences of our nation's older citizens.

While MSNBC host Don Imus discusses the perils of growing older.

And finally, this weekend, in a special edition of 'Meet the Press' dealing with lifestyle issues,

Pat Buchanan discusses being his own sister,

as NBC Contributors James Carville and Mary Matalin discuss the day-to-day concerns of a gigantic prick and a huge cunt."

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