Wednesday, December 05, 2007

DuMond was freed to get back at the Clenis

Eventually, if Huckabee continues to be a viable candidate this has to be known (and for once I think it will be as the media starts to rediscover the story)

Via the incomparable Digby this 11 year old story from Odious Maximus Rupert Murdoch beloved Steve Dunleavy (warning link goes to a winger site and it's format will make you blind):

"Sometimes, " said Mrs. Dumond, "I just want to give up. But now, who knows? The new governor has personally assured me that Wayne's case will be the first thing on his desk, after he clears up everything from this Whitewater thing."

Dwayne Harris, a spokesman for Huckabee, the Republican lieutenant governor who will succeed Democrat Tucker, told me Friday that Huckabee " has voiced a very special intention to thoroughly review the case of Wayne Dumond."...

...The truth, the terrible truth is, that one of the guys she first identified as the rapist but who had an ironclad alibi had been going out with the girl. But the new governor has indicated to me on several occasions that he was more than disturbed about Wayne's case and the way Clinton and his boys handled this terrible thing. " You know, this is Arkansas. Right up until now this has been Clinton territory. Maybe not anymore."

Murray Waas (who should be addressed as "The Incredibly Excellent Murray Waas" [ed. must everyone in this story have an appellation?] had a great story on this whole case -- including the shoddy (is there any other kind he did?) sensationalist reporting Dunleavy did on the actual facts of Dumond's case...outside of the quotes he obtained.

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