Monday, December 26, 2011

If this means they'll be less relevant

Then bad perhaps for Iowa, but good for the nation as a whole.
This year, there is no contested Democratic primary, given that President Barack Obama has no serious challenger. Only Republicans are competing, and those candidates are approaching the state differently, both visiting and hiring less. Also, like it did everywhere else, the race here started slowly – months later than usual – as a slew of GOP politicians weighed candidacies, only to abort White House bids.
Of course, it may all get super-freaky in 2016.


StonyPillow said...

Iowa, prize your indecent liberties and maintain your squatters' rights. The hot compress of your caucus has drawn the raging pus of crazy to the surface, and infected every real candidate including Willard Romney. It has shown them all for what they are. It's even gotten the media organs to stop pretending they don't really lurve them some Mittens.

And for that, the other 49 states of our great Union salute you.

pansypoo said...

iowa must have harder criteria than on the democratic side.