Wednesday, December 07, 2011

When will the outrage come

From the Right about not enough Pearl Harbor Day remembrance at "the Google"?

It's just sitting there, not even an add for the $3 blu-ray of Tora Tora Tora!

I'll be more moved by these sort of things when next February 15th comes around and they get pissed about the lack of remembrance of the USS Maine blowing up.


Anonymous said...

On August 6 I expect a graphic of the Smirking Chimp mountain biking or cutting brush to commemorate the day he blew off a Presidential Daily Briefing titled 'Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the US', with a sneering, "All right, you've covered your ass."

jimmiraybob said...

Since Newt has vowed to place Bolton as Secretary of State (and presumably rename the Dept of State as the Dept of Bombing Iran) I'm guessing that they'll enlist "Remember Pearl Harbor" as the new motto - as, of course, an implied threat to Iran. The diplomatic plan for Iran could be code named "Pearl Harbor." Bolton's SS name could be Enola Gay. Since Google has announced its intent to bring America down by stiffing Pearl Harbor Day, Newt/Bolton is good news for the a right-wing kinda way.

pansypoo said...

wait. no pearl harbor googling?

even pansypoo remembered.

Kate said...

they made up for it with that HOW DARE they SERVE ASIAN FOOD about Sidwell Friends School. Prolly Obama probably ordered that menu for his girls.

Anonymous said...

I send out anniversary reminders to all my Reich-wing friends who send me all those Reich-wing, islamoterroristfistbumper emails we all get.

I remind them the day Laura killed her boyfriend and got away with it (I put it in as my reply to the ones they send me about Chappaquiddick).

I remind them on 6 Nov (election day in 2012) of the anniversary of Reagan signing into law Simpson-Mazzoli giving amnesty to immigrants.

I send one 20 March on the start of the Iraq war, the beginning of $20 a barrel oil and our endless prosperity, and "Let freedom reign".

I send one on 22April with Krauthamer's "Hans Blix had five-months to find WMD's...we've had five-weeks."

There are so many. I really should do more.