Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm sure it's just a big misunderstanding

As PoliFact will soon point out:
A direct-mail solicitation for Ron Paul's political and investment newsletters two decades ago warned of a "coming race war in our big cities" and of a "federal-homosexual cover-up" to play down the impact of AIDS.
Helter Skelter...Paul/Manson 2012

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Privatize the Profits! Socialize the Costs! said...

You know what would be funny? If somebody put together a book of all the similar batshit-crazy predictions by the GOPers over the years...

Remember the "UN black helicopters"? or all the time that Clinton or Obama's "jackbooted thugs" were going to come and take away our guns?

A list of all Glenn Beck's crazy predictions would take up a whole book by itself.

IMO, the stranglehold that these rightwing liars have over the gullible 25% of Americans will only be breakable by the power of sustained laughter about the crazy lies that they have spewed over the past 25 years.