Thursday, August 23, 2012

A ginger less intelligent than Harry

Going the other way across the Atlantic -- Josh Trevino.

TBogg does unearth a delicious nugget on how this idiot got a paying gig with The Guardian, as explained by an editor for The Guardian:

 I completely understand the strong reaction against Josh [Treviño]. Much of what he has said in the past on Twitter and elsewhere is tasteless, to say the very least. But we have taken Josh on to write about the Republican side of the US presidential campaign because he represents a strand of thinking in the GOP that is in the ascendancy. Whatever we think about it, the Republican party has taken a significant lurch to the right in recent years and we should try and understand why that is, and what’s going on there. Josh is well placed to articulate that.

In other words, "Yeah he's a fucking dumbshit -- but we have to pay him because dumbshittery is the white-ist form of white for the GOP".

Meanwhile, to my knowledge Digby, probably amongst the best progressive writers on the internet, gets no offers whatsoever.  


Anonymous said...

The soft bigotry of low expectations for right-wing, corporatist, establishment-fellating hacks.

Montag said...

I wrote The Guardian, saying that Trevino is not an interpreter of fact-free, right-wing horseshit--he's a purveyor of it.

This decision was made by a U.S. editor, and I have no doubt that "balance" was in the forefront of her mind when she did so.

It's a disease, folks. This guy isn't a good writer in the journalistic sense of the word. He's a propagandist. That was his role in the White House. Why The Guardian feels this overwhelming need to hire hacks for the purpose of destroying both their reporting and their reputation is beyond me, but they certainly think it's required of a U.S. newspaper.

pansypoo said...

like geoorgee, he is good enough for publikkklans.