Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More evidence of being "secret Muslim"

In addition to eating pork and drinking beer, more evidence of President Obama's secret Muslimity being so well-disguised that even he is unaware of it:
Today comes word that our homebrewer-in-chief, the POTUS, stocks his campaign bus with bottles of the White House's DIY ale. See, he's not an out-of-touch crony capitalist! He's just like us! What does that tell us about the president's reelection effort? Probably not much, except maybe this: he's gotten cozy in the White House. Who knows, he may even have a man cave.
You know who doesn't drink beer?* Mitt Romney.  

*not that there's anything wrong with not drinking or Islam, but stupid theories deserve broadsides.


Raoul Paste said...

Well, you know who also drank beer....

jimmiraybob said...

How fiendishly clever. Eating pork and drinking beer to throw us off track. These Muslim Kenyan Commie Socialist Fascist Terrorist Al Green-singing dark-toned Warlords are .... well, they're fiendishly clever.

God help us Real Americans if we don't elect the Real American white guys to save us from total enslavement and annihilation by the Muslim Brotherhood-New Black Panther-Soviet Union coalition that has their headquarters in the West Wing.


pansypoo said...

BACON. he has to eat BACON!