Sunday, August 19, 2012

Well, there are still four and a half months left

But I think we've found this year's dumbest small feat.

Missouri GOP Rep. Todd Akin: ‘Female Body Has Ways to Shut Down’ Pregnancy in Case of ‘Legitimate Rape’

So many logical and malevolent fallacies in one sentence. "Legitimate" rape? Women are magical beings that can expel the product of rape -- yet do not have the magical power to prevent rape -- including whatever the fuck "legitimate" ones mean.

Women do have one legitimate and non-magical power though (provided the are not poor or lack ID in some places), they can vote against giant (and ironic) douchebags.


frankly said...

The Old Testament explains the rules of a legitimate rape. It can't take place in a city as the womans cry's would be heard. Therefore if she was raped in town & nobody heard her & stopped it she really wanted it.

But of course the Bible recognizes that - out in the country (or in space) - nobody can hear her scream. In that case it really is a rape & the man must pay the womans father 30 pieces of silver (an interesting biblical number that) and he must marry her and is not allowed to divorce her. SO that seems fair.

pansypoo said...

so, it always sucked for women. why fix that i guess.

DrDick said...

In this case, the douchebag is filled with raw sewage.

Montag said...

And this guy, according to a recent poll, is up on McCaskill by eight and a half points.

Must be a lot of banjos in Missouri these days.