Friday, August 31, 2012

Wait a minute....what?

They really are serious about Zombie Reagan:

Despite some conflicting reports, Yahoo News has learned that a holographic projection of former President Ronald Reagan is in the works and was originally intended to debut outside the halls of the Republican National Convention this week. But its official unveiling has been put on hold until later this year or early 2013.
Peggy Noonan's getting frustrated!


Montag said...

The Ronnie Raygun animatron is almost done!

Aaron said...

I hate to be "that guy", but all these displays like the Tupac "hologram", aren't holograms. They are variation of a very old trick called Pepper's Ghost.
That being said, when can we start referring to them as the Necrophilia Party? What with all the corpse f*cking and all.

pansypoo said...

smoke + mirrors gets bling.

Christopher Clarkson said...

That's when the sound takes on a sort of rhythmic "breathing" sound, getting softer and louder in a very unnatural way. Skype will call all of them and connect you in one big conference call. It comes with a high quality electric violin, soft carrying case, rosin, headphones, chinrest and cable; it also includes a genuine horsehair bow.