Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shrewed judge of character, of course

I was skimming through Vanity Fair and saw they had a "Where are they now?" section on former Olympic icons.

The one on Nadia Comăneci was particularly interesting, she of the first "Perfect 10" had this in her bio:

in 2008, Comăneci appeared alongside Stephen Baldwin and Joey Fatone on Celebrity Apprentice, only to have Donald Trump fire her because he claimed that the nine-time Olympic medalist lacked competitive spirit.
Trump may be an even bigger moron than I thought, and I've thought him a "Perfect 10" on the moron scale.


Montag said...

In idle moments, I sometimes wonder what would have become of Trump if he had been born without his father's money.

I'm pretty sure that, based on the evidence, he would have spent most of his adult life in jail, because, among other things, his money is about the only thing that's kept him out of jail, anyway.

His judgment certainly hasn't helped at all.

pluky said...

Nadia had to put up with the Ceaucescus. I don't think it likely she was overly impressed with Trump.

pansypoo said...

where's trump's wall?