Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Comedy Team of Blitzer & Burnett

Oh how the two of them combined may do on Jeopardy!

In Summary:

That Paul Ryan -- He sure is pretty when he lies.


Raoul Paste said...

That Paul Ryan -- He sure is pretty when he lies

Exactly. Wolf Blitzer is a coward and a disgrace. Far be it from him to inform the public. He's only a highly paid f#@*ing newsman.

pansypoo said...

wolf blitzer is the worst thing CNN has clung to.

jimmiraybob said...

You know who else they said that about?

[Disclaimer: Being aware of all internet traditions and the penalties for violating certain league rules regulations and assorted whims and fancies, A certain name has not been - and will not be - mentioned.]

jimmiraybob said...

Holy guacamole!

While I was intimidated by all internet traditions, apparently Stephen Colbert is stronger and braver than I. He went with Goebbels and the big lie, Of course, I was thinking Hitler.