Tuesday, August 28, 2012

He cannot even buy affection

Taggert (as in Blazing Saddles) Romney -- who has been made into a multimillionaire thanks to his father's foreign schemes investments -- cannot even make a statement about his dad that doesn't make the latter look like a gigantic tool:

CHRIS WALLACE: So, Tagg, what are family meals like?

TAGG ROMNEY: A little bit of craziness. Dad always goes in line first because he doesn't want to wait for all the grand children because it takes forever. Parents are cutting their meat and he's usually finished by the time the rest of us sit down.


Anonymous said...

The dog on the roof. Mitt's "Calvinballing" of family games. And now, pulling rank on his grandkids. Anyone starting to notice a pattern to these warm anecdotes from the Mitthead's offspring? Consciously or unconsciously, a little revenge, perhaps, for having to spend a childhood dominated by this jerk?

None of this behavior, however, should come as a surprise to the guys who went to prep school with him (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/justin-ruben/prank-or-pattern-why-romn_b_1513555.html).

pansypoo said...

well, he IS master of the universe and all.

Montag said...

Gotta hand it to the Repugs. They can really pick `em, can't they?

jimmiraybob said...

Wait till he can get his hands on Treasury.

Anonymous said...

Mittens and the other children have finished eating by the time the adults are sitting down and cutting their meat. Then Mittnes and the other children go sit in the sandbox and play until Mittens gets mad and trows sand in one of the little girls faces. The girl will start crying and Mittens will scream with laughter and yell, "Spooge!"