Monday, February 03, 2014

As I watched the most entertaining part of THIS year's Super Bowl

The commercials, the big question is which commercial caused the angriest outrage amongst the morons?

The bi-racial Cheerios family?

Or the multilingual "America, the beautiful" Coke ad?

I'm guessing it is both a tie, and the rage tweeters had a large, large, overlap.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...wonder how long it's going to take for a winger to say, "If English was good enough for Jeesus..." ?

donnah said...

And in all actuality, both are sweet, beautiful commercials. How shitty is your life that you go into orbit about two commercials that celebrate joy, love, and unity?

pansypoo said...

what is this entertainment spectacular of which you speak?

Anonymous said...

Either way, I'm sure MSNBC is drafting their apology.

StonyPillow said...

I hear that the THUG had a great game before he injured his ankle in the 4th quarter, and his team not only won, but humiliated the other team. That ruined the day for the race ragers.

Saw about 2 minutes of the third quarter when the THUGS were up thirty something to naught. Brought a smile to my face. Then they went to commercials, caught the Budweiser Exploit the Vet commercial, and threw a TV Brick at the screen. That's all, folks.