Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Boy the way Glenn Miller played..."

Because "those were the days" are still the "days" the modern Republican Party holds dear.
Some Kansas lawmakers are worried about those precious bodily fluids. The Kansas House's Health and Human Services Committee has on its agenda Monday a bill that would require cities to warn citizens if fluoride is added to drinking water. The measure, which declares fluoride dangerous, has been criticized by public health officials and the Kansas Dental Association, according to The Associated Press.
When you are digging up policy punch lines used against you 50 years ago...you might be a Red State.


Anonymous said...

Any sentient being who lives in Kansas should move.

carolyn Annafiglia is a nice old lady said...


some info from a faily well respected source

Anonymous said...

I used to yuk it up over this old John Birch Society paranoia about fluoride but then I started trying to figure out how Americans, like those in Kansas, became so dumb. Then it hit me. Fluoride!

Think about it, if you still can.