Monday, February 24, 2014

Operation, "When will you stop paying attention?"

The public outcry over Uganda's newest round of American-evangelical inspired anti-gay laws has managed to get notice.
President Yoweri Museveni is asking the US to advise Uganda's scientists about homosexuality, as he considers whether to sign a law increasing punishments.

Mr Museveni's spokesman said the president would not sign the law until he had received the scientific advice.
Last week he said he had decided to sign the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which parliament has passed.

The US - one of Uganda's largest aid donors - has warned that enacting the bill would complicate relations.
Yes, because the science denoting a genetic-link to sexual preference is so rare, so very rare, so rare indeed.

But importantly, if this self-inflicted political wound over a reprehensible policy can be delayed until everybody forgets it...well then, maybe they can try again.

After all, the American evangelicals who pushed this legislation upon them, are always willing to push it.

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