Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Live and never, ever, learn

Against all logic and evidence...and hardly for the first time, the GOP and its base seem determined to refight all the old battles they have lost before and in the most inappropriate way.

Because this time it will definitely work!
Priebus said Monday on MSNBC that the Monica Lewinsky scandal is fair game when it comes to evaluating Hillary Clinton's potential presidential bid. "I think everything's on the table," Priebus told Andrea Mitchell.
Because there is no more aspirational idea for the Republicans than the sanctity of the family unit...other than, of course, Bill Clinton's terrorist unit.

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StonyPillow said...

More proof that Hillary is the preferred candidate of the RNC.

Because Clinton, like Obama, is a moderate Republican.

Raoul Paste said...

I am not looking forward to the inevitable smear job.

And the rubes of America will be trained to hate her before you know it.

Anonymous said...

PRE-EMPTIVE Impeachment, an idea whose Time HAS Come!

DanF said...

The best thing that will come of an HRC nomination is that the GOP will do for women's voter preferences what they've done for Hispanics, African Americans and Asians. They have a better chance of stopping the earth's rotation than stopping their misogyny.

kingweasil said...

gee that's good news! I hope it's still ok to shut down a bridge, buy cocaine, tap Morse code in the stall of an airport men's room, start a war, bribe, extort, funnel corporate money to GOP campaigns,and shoot your friend in the face.

Philo Vaihinger said...

Clinton is too far to the right, anyway.

Can't we get somebody who would have preferred Medicare for all, say?

And to tax as needed to fully fund both Social Security and Medicare?

(The elderly desperately need a raise. And have you checked lately what those copays, coinsurances, and premiums look like? With no dental and no eye coverage?)

And somebody who did NOT cheer when GW invaded Afghanistan, giving us his first stupid war, and then Iraq, giving us his second?