Thursday, February 13, 2014

Laying down with a lot of mangy dogs

The majority of them are fleas by now.
Which member of Congress is (probably) emailing other members crazy threats? BuzzFeed’s John Stanton reports that a number of House Republicans received emails — sent to their internal congressional email addresses, addresses that are extremely difficult to find for non-members — in which an anonymous person threatened to politically ruin members who vote to raise the debt limit. The author first sent the cryptic threats to Speaker John Boehner and Rep. James Lankford, and then forwarded the emails to other members. ... Who could’ve sent these strange emails?
“It’s got to be another member. Probably one of the crazy ones,” said a Republican who had seen the email, which was sent from an anonymous email address,
One of the "crazy" Republicans? That narrows it down as much as if they had said, "Probably an overweight white guy".


gratuitous said...

One of the Republicans in Congress refers to other Republicans as "the crazy ones"? I would really like to see the popular media asking the more respectable Republicans whether they agree with the crazy ones. Time and again, Democrats are asked to distance themselves from ginned-up controversies initiated who-knows-where* so as to create divisions, but Republican peccadillos are blithely papered over and nobody has the bad manners to note the lingering smell of the sour fart in the room.

*E.g., the Move On "controversy" over the re-election ad contest entry that compared Bush to Hitler. It seemed that every Democrat had to denounce Move On for sponsoring a contest in which someone made such an entry. It wasn't an official Democratic Party ad, it wasn't even a Move On ad, it was an entry in their contest. But every Democrat had to denounce the entry or be tarred with a very broad brush.

pansypoo said...

i am so glad big biznees picked the crazy anti-bizness party. nice stateegery.