Tuesday, February 04, 2014

I know it's hard to believe

As this never happens, except pretty much every...single...time.

But "Beltway Wisdoms" true love, Robert Gates.

Awful human being -- almost always wrong...but always wrong in the "right" way...

On his book promotion tour, when fielding curiously softball questions from Jon Stewart, Gates assumed the admonitory tone of a statesman in saying that presidents are perhaps too quick to reach for military solutions to foreign policy problems. This from a defense secretary who lobbied for and administered the military escalations of two wars, one of which US troops are still fighting! One wonders whether this statement derived from his certainty that he could con Stewart, or from an autistic lack of self-awareness. In any case, Stewart did not follow up.


pansypoo said...

stewart wasn't that soft.

that blip of gnewz media bashing obama disappeared fast.

dpjbro said...

Stewart and his merry band of jokesters are willing to poke fun where it is due but find discretion is the better part of valor when interviewing the powerful.

Anonymous said...

Cue Gates' butthurt when Obama made the assumption in a meeting that Gates would write about the meeting later in his memoirs...as written in Gates' memoirs.

Most of the villagers are not especially intelligent, the only thing that makes them "exceptional" is their lack of the self-awareness and ethics that restrain ordinary people from doing things that would make a billy goat puke.