Thursday, February 13, 2014

This story is either

A bit tragic, rather funny...or alternatively really weird.

Lazio have threatened legal action against those who have questioned the legitimacy of the age of their 17-year-old Cameroonian player Joseph Minala. 

The Italian side stated that his birth certificate is "absolutely legitimate". 

Lazio added:  "We reserve the right to take action against those responsible for the protection of the good name of the company and the footballer." 

The midfielder also issued a statement via the club's website denying he told an African website he was 41.

Either 17 .... OR FORTY-FRICKIN'-ONE?!

Here's his picture...and well...people age differently and sometimes a tough life gets reflected on one's face...and uh...well...I'm certainly no expert.


Anonymous said...

Why won't he show us the long form birth certificate?

kingweasil said...

Cameroonian...looks Hawaiian to me

Anonymous said...

Nah, definitely Kenyan.

Athenawise said...

And, a constitutional lawyer.