Monday, April 07, 2014

Combining the worst of both the third

I know that you all are comfortable with the thought that the international banking system is consistent in one thing...delivering quality services to the less privileged.

Oh right, this is not an alternative reality.
A flagship hospital built in Lesotho using public/private financing with advice from an arm of the World Bank threatens to bankrupt the impoverished African country's health budget. More than half the country's entire health budget (51%) is being spent on payments to the private consortium that built and runs the hospital in the capital, Maseru, led by South-Africa-based Netcare, the biggest private healthcare provider in the UK.
I'm sure this system works as well as America's though right?
Oxfam, whose report is published on Monday, says the healthcare of the poorest people is at risk, as the Queen Mamohato memorial hospital draws off money that is badly needed for clinics in rural areas.
It sure does!

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StonyPillow said...

“Other countries in Africa and indeed all over the world need to look closely at this experiment in Lesotho and be very wary of repeating it.”

We keep failing to learn the benefits of public-private financing. Over and over and over.

pansypoo said...

profits must be gleaned from EVERYWHERE.