Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wash these down with a few pints of Chunky-Monkey and "Chubby Hubby"

More rating slips go right to the hips.

Holland Cooke @HollandCooke
NEW ratings are in. Big-city stations are cellar-dwellers: #22 @ NY, #37 @ LA, #27 @ SFO, #19 @ Chicago, #21 Dallas


pansypoo said...

funny. i do not get it. the garage behind us was being re-roofed + the guy had on limpbaugh not audible over the noise he was making. are people actually listening? why are men so gullible?

gratuitous said...

Wow, you'd think the Magic of the Marketplace would lead radio stations to look for more profitable fare.

I wonder why so many stations cling to a loser show that nobody listens to?

Montag said...

Well, of course, the answer to this is to convert more stations to right-wing talk radio. (That seems to be the thinking, these days.)

But, then, why wouldn't stations with an audience living in the basement be cellar-dwellers?

Anonymous said...

Following the link to Forbes' Rick Unger, you will find this little paragraph:

"A show like (Rush) Limbaugh’s is wholly reliant on his listeners’ willingness to believe - or suspend belief - no matter how ‘out there’ their guru’s arguments may be. While it is one thing for me to sneer at much of what Limbaugh may present, it is quite another when he attempts to sell his loyal audience on stuff they already know, through personal experience, to be false and fraudulent hokum."

And therein reveals the mind of Reich-wing conservatism.

(Ungar left out "..and to constantly repeat and pass that fraudulent hokum on".)

Raoul Paste said...

It doesn't matter how much ruin the GOP brings to America, because after many years of listening, these people are conditioned to tune in.

It's like an old friend to them. They can't imagine Not listening I've seen it.