Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Kill them all, and let Exxon/Mobil sort them out

Shareholders should note that congealed blood isn't red, its the same color as sweet crude. When it comes to the real color of money, religion makes no difference.
Hundreds of people were killed because of their ethnicity after South Sudan rebels seized the oil hub of Bentiu last week, the UN has said. They were targeted at a mosque, a church and a hospital, the UN Mission in South Sudan said in a statement. It added that hate speech was broadcast on local radio stations, saying certain groups should leave the town and urging men to rape women. The Nuer community are seen as supporters of rebel leader Riek Machar.
South Sudan has some of the largest oil reserves on Earth.

 It also has a standard of living that is low, even for Africa, which has some of the most dire poverty on Earth.

All that oil theoretically could mean South Sudan's people are not so poor.

But, naturally, it only leads to even greater misery.

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Montag said...

Sounds like another Nigeria or Equatorial Guinea in the making, with the prime beneficiaries being the multinational oil companies and whatever dictator emerges with their help....

pansypoo said...

pillaging earth is a eons long endeavor for humans. + profitable.

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