Monday, February 12, 2007

This will not be pretty

Oh lordy, you know how you can just feel a show being "teh suck" ahead of time?

Ladies and Gentlemen, you can smell it already:

The Hot Little Number I Call Mrs. Harry and I were lucky enough to score some seats to watch the taping and had a terrific time. It was our first ever look at the live taping of a TV show and we found it to be a fascinating experience.

The Half Hour News Hour is actually nothing like The Daily Show because The Half Hour News Hour is actually funny. The two stars, Kurt Long and Susan Yeagley, displayed none of Jon Stewart’s smug self-satisfied mugging or Colbert’s tiresome ironic self-awareness. Instead, they’re both charming performers with a strong chemistry who blend seriousness and absurdity in the same way SNL did in the heyday of it’s Weekend Update series.

I’m not going to review the show here. It was shot out of order and the few dud jokes will hopefully be edited out, and how it will all come together is anyone’s guess.

If the "dud jokes" are edited out, it will be the "Five Seconds is a Half Hour News Hour".

Look, I don't know Kurt Long from a hole-in-the-ground, but Susan Yeagley is the lesser humorist in her marriage and her husband is Kevin Nealon -- nothing more need be said.

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