Monday, September 29, 2008


Well, it appears that after flying back to Washington Northern Virginia, to help out bailout negotiations enjoy a 4-star meal with the Liebermans, John McCain is prepared to switch tactics against the Obama campaign.
[T]he campaign will press two arguments as forcefully as possible in the coming days. One is that Obama is not ready to be commander in chief and that, in a time of two wars, "his policies will make the world more dangerous and America less secure." Second, he said, McCain will argue that, in a time of economic crisis, Obama will raise taxes and spending and "will make our economy worse."
Which is so much more novel than their old argument; "Obama will raise taxes, make the economy worse, the world more dangerous and America less secure".

Viva la différence!

But McCain's real strategy is far more likely as suggested by Bill Kristol -- it fits McCain's nature (and lack of oversight) roll the dice:
He has a chance. But only if he overrules those of his aides who are trapped by conventional wisdom, huddled in a defensive crouch and overcome by ideological timidity.
In other words, double-down with more stunts from Evel McFeeble.
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