Thursday, September 18, 2008

You know what

If all the "Lords" & "Ladys" of the world want to go on TV and call Barack Obama an elitist, more power to them.

You couldn't write comedy about someone like Lady de Rothschild because no one would believe it, it would be too bizarre. A living breathing, pearl-clutching parody troll.

"She's calling who an elitist?"

With a noble's title and the last name of Rothschild? I mean, talk about your OLD money. You don't marry a guy named Evelyn without the protection of money and a moat.

I hope she's on television from now through election day. She's the best advertising the Obama campaign could ever get. If she didn't exist you could never get away with inventing her.

While the Obama campaign had no official response, another well-placed Democrat from outside the Clinton camp openly mocked Rothschild's move. "The Duke of York already had plans, so Lady de Rothschild was the next most important endorsement to reassure working Americans during the economic crisis"

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