Friday, September 26, 2008


John McCain didn't have time to go to a debate on Friday.

But he did have time to be interviewed by:


But, oh yeah, not David Letterman because David Letterman only does "comedy"

I remember this elaborate skit:

Oh and since now is NOT a moment for comedy, it is rather ironic that right after 9/11 (October 2001) John McCain showed up on Letterman's show and pushed for going to war...even Iraq.

Notice ALL the war lovin' bold predictin' shallow war mongerin' that McCain engages in...almost all of it disgustingly wrong. Especially his nonsense about Iraq 1:10 in (and again with blowhard "tough guy" talk about Iraq and our big wangs about 4:05). From Iraq to Anthrax to predicting the capture of bin Laden to "great faith" in the investigations into the anthrax matter he is so wrong he should never have been heard from as a serious leader again. Oh, and there's some nice bigotry too.


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