Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A Frothy Mix of Staggering Genius

Makes Bachmann look smart in comparison:


StonyPillow said...

This is supposed to redeem CNN?

Montag said...

Remember that Santorum was in the #1 spot as the dimmest bulb in the 1996 Congress, and for a damned good reason. He's living proof that there are C- students everywhere.

Bruce Webb said...

240 million jobs!!? And I am still unemployed??

Man I am such a bigger loser than I ever realized, no wonder there are no people on the streets between 9 and 5 and for that matter 5 and midnight. They are all working three jobs each.

Sign me "lower than whale shit".

Anonymous said...

Hey, such colossal stupidity worked for w. The right is full of such works of self taught garbling.

pansypoo said...

sadly darwin is not in effect and he has made little santorums.

Raoul Paste said...

The amazing thing is that he kept doubling down on the 240 million jobs figure. He was certain he was right!

And yet he is on my TV.