Monday, July 11, 2011


Rupert and company are just not hooked up right.

One of the historic curiosities of the NoW's demise has been the resurrection on Twitter of the curious tale of Charles Begley. He was the paper's bespectacled, boyish-looking reporter who then-editor Rebekah Brooks made "Harry Potter correspondent" ahead of the release of the first film about the wizard in 2001, a task that involved him changing his name by deed poll and being ordered to permanently dress in robes and a hat. Begley finally objected after Brooks allegedly ordered him to don the outfit immediately after the September 11 attacks. Here's a Guardian account from the the time, and a Daily Telegraph piece detailing phone transcripts about Begley's worries.

These are simply horrible people -- and even worse perhaps -- ridiculous.


JDM said...

Hm, I remember when Charles O. Finley wanted Vida Blue to change his name to Vida "True" Blue and Blue said no. The rich are different from you and me - they fucking suck.

pansypoo said...

soul damaged.