Friday, July 08, 2011

Y'know how to pick 'em

For years David Cameron laid down with Rupert Murdoch and came up with fleas while hiring Rupert's louse Andy Coulson to be his Communications Director.

Sometime thereafter:

Andy Coulson has been told by police that he will be arrested on Friday morning over suspicions that he knew about, or had direct involvement in, the hacking of mobile phones during his editorship of the News of the World.

Wow, public officials going to jail for malfeasance in their past. Dick Cheney is proud to be an American!

Meanwhile, yesterday former Murdoch employee as editor of the News of the World Peirs Anthony bemoaned how the scandal has affected the real victims:

"I have a lot of sympathy for those at the top. They couldn't know what's going on ..."

Which is why, I guess, Mr. Coulson is getting arrested, for not knowing what is going on. Meanwhile, Murdoch and his brood and British Roger Ailes, Rebekkah Brooks, remain employed and rich -- aka victims -- while they shut down News of the World and fire a few hundred employees, all while whining that actual journalist shut them down with y'know journalism. Meanwhile, in the U.S. see the earlier Dick Cheney comment.

But hey, at least the U.S. and Britain have one thing in common, they won't criminally punish torturers and war criminals.

Special relationship indeed.

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Genre grifter said...

Though I, along with many readers, think Piers Anthony guilty of crimes against literature, humanity, and language itself, I am painfully certain he is not an ex-editor for Murdoch. Neither does he infest Larry King's spot on CNN, or portray Simon Cowell-lite on NBC, as does Piers Morgan, the sallow fellow you are confusing him for.

pansypoo said...

calling wikileaks + anonmous.

Mad Dan Eccles said...

We should never forget Stephen Fry's definition of "countryside": killing Piers Anthony.