Thursday, May 26, 2005

Do I detect a claim of, "Takes one to know one"?

You know it's terrible to see the disappointing issue of already weak troglodyte loins not even have the strength to rebel "just a little" from their parent's politics. The intersection of Inheritance Street & Uriah Heep Avenue is loading up on such individuals with John Podhoretz added to the mix.

Today commenting on new evidence from the Washington Post on Koran v. Toilet, he shows all the subtlety you would expect from such a recessive mind:

These are sociopaths we're talking about here. Andrew Sullivan would do well to remember that. As would the Washington Post. And Newsweek. And Amnesty International.
Posted at 09:01 PM

Yes, since they have been deprived of due process, in some cases, for more than two years now we can just assume they are all Al Qaeda terrorists right? Now, THAT'S AMERICA! At least it is if you are bug-eyed-hyperventalent Nancy Grace or Norm Podhoretz's l'il love sprout.

I liked the old days when terms like sociopath were reserved for people like Stalin, and the phrases a Podhoretz-type (or his "Daddy") would use to refer to other cultures would be the more traditional untermenschen. C'mon John, show some respect for the old man and bring back the good old slurs.

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