Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I'm waiting for someone in the GOP to scream BULLSHIT!!

In regard to the constant habit of GOP candidates to allow folks to spin that Democrats who actually served in the military are cowards, or did not really "serve" as much as others. This almost inevitably comes from folks that did not serve in the military at all.

It is a CONSTANT fucking drumbeat that has been going on for ages, not just from the Swiftboat fucknuts against Kerry.

It happens here in Iowa everytime that Tom Harkin runs for reelection. Harkin was a pilot in the Navy who served in the Vietnam Theatre. Harkin was not a combat pilot, but saw regular duty as a service pilot, in other words flying damaged planes from an airbase to and from aircraft carriers, he also saw other service as a Naval Pilot.

Anyone who has ever flown as a Naval "Aviator" can tell you that this is not exactly easy, or safe work. Harkin served in a combat zone no less than any non-aviator on a carrier in Vietnam, given the power of the vietcong's navy, yet somehow this is used as an attempt to diminish Harkin's service and question his patriotism, all in the guise of "he puffed up his record". As opposed to the "Badass of TANG"?

But they keep doing it and doing it.

And now they are doing it to Iraq War veterans.

Their love of troops always stops on the edge of reason, i.e. when there is an (R) behind the name.

What patriots.

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