Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Krazy Kentucky Governor Fletcher: The Republican Pass It On

In another move meant to show how fair he is and no less than right before a scheduled appearance before a grand jury -- are there any other kinds? Hell... I just fancy me a trip to see a grand jury, not one of those wee lesser juries --Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher issued blanket pardons to members of his administration who have been charged -- as well as those who could be indicted later -- in a state hiring investigation. I can only imagine that all this attention being paid to how corrupt that governor to the north of him must have added to his interest in showing that he could be corrupt and just as tactless and stupid as Mr. Taft.

You really have to worry about corruption and insider shenanigans when a governor insists that he would not pardon himself. No, he will just pardon his cronies and then other republicans will pardon him. It is the republican cover ass maneuver; it is their version of Pass-it-On.

But, of course, it gets even better, while on television, Krazy Mr. Fletcher said that he never "knowingly violated any laws" and is only using his superhuman powers (ok, I cannot confirm that he really feels that way, sheesh) to pardon to bring an end to "what appears to be a political investigation" that has diverted the attention of government. "Thank Jeebus that this whole Hurricane thing happened to further divert attention from what piss poor managers we republican governors are," said an obviously relieved Fletcher. Please note that the last quote was for fun, but doesn't it just feel real, hmmmmm?

"I cannot allow state government to continue to be consumed by this game of political 'gotcha,'" he really said. Aw, come on. All of these assertions of innocence, from a republican who praised all of the extreme efforts to throw gasoline on the political investigation of whether or not Clinton lied about a stained dress. Doesn't that seem like such small potatoes now that Mr. Bush's failed policies have killed so many Americans and Iraqis?

And it gets even better yet. Members of the republican machine in Kentucky that will more than likely have to manufacture a pardon for Mr. Fletcher called his actions "admirable." Yeah… easy for those who want the Republican Pass-it-On for them if their bad dealings and illegal actions come to the light of day, ain’t it?

Of course, the democrats and independents -- yes, Kentucky does have them -- have issued strong statements against the extreme over reach of power by Fletcher. The have called for him to resign and repudiate his evil ways. Oops, sorry but can’t you just picture that too?

Fortunately, the Kentucky Attorney General Greg Stumbo is continuing to examine the situation, calling the investigation, "far from over." We can only hope but if anyone is discovered having committed crimes we all know that republicans protect their own. Maybe it is in their blood?

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