Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Most Pressing Issue of the Day?

Dogs and Cats who watch TV...

I've frankly never had a dog that appeared to give a shit about television. I've had a cat or two that did. But I've never thought anything of it. But oh, there's a study!

Dodman says that, in general, dogs will sit and watch things that canines are interested in, like other dogs, and cats will be drawn to things that move quickly across the screen — anything from butterflies to tennis balls.

Dogs also seem to enjoy programs about horses and Jack Russell Anja is no exception. She is also an avid NASCAR racing fan, and double checks her own front door every time someone knocks or rings the doorbell on a TV program.

Back in Flemington, N.J., Sandra Campbell, pet parent to tabbies Ralph and Riley, says that she knows exactly when they are really interested in a particular program. Campbell watches the pope’s weekly audience on her computer and Ralph will immediately materialize to join her.

"I’ve noticed that when the pope speaks in Italian, French or English, Ralph will lie and nap but the moment he switches to German he sits up and concentrates on the screen. He does this every week without fail.”

Teutonic Tabby?

And there are DVD's catering to dogs and cats...

The latest in feline entertainment, the Couch Potato Kitty DVD, caters to feline predatory instincts with butterflies and hamsters in wheels, while canine entertainment, like the Pooch TV DVD, is filled with dogs playing and exploring. It also features the odd turkey for amusement.

As a rule, most cats and dogs like to be in the company of their owners. So for an increasing number of pets, it’s the people on the couch that is the main attraction. In fact 87 percent of people surveyed in the AKC-Iams study said their pets curl up with them or at their feet when they watch TV.

Not to be left behind, savvy marketing executives are now selling TV snacks for pets. There’s everything from Woofy Pop popcorn, nachews (doggy tortilla chips), bacon-, peanut butter- or cheese-flavored rawhide chips, ice cream, canine yogurt cups (strawberry flavored), and old-fashioned feline and canine treat packs.

You know, maybe we have jumped the shark as a civilization. You know what entertains my dog?

Garbage. She's old school.

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