Thursday, June 22, 2006

"The Bunker"

And the many denizens of Washington, D.C. who inhabibit it:

From AmericaBlog:

The White House has completely failed in Iraq. They can't run a war, but they can run political campaigns. So, now the Bush administration is treating the Iraq war as just another political operation. It's all about politics for them:

But people who attended a series of high-level meetings this month between White House and Congressional officials say President Bush's aides argued that it could be a politically fatal mistake for Republicans to walk away from the war in an election year.

CNN's Dana Bash just said the GOP is "downright giddy" about the current debate. They're all loving it.

Thanks to the White House we completely fucked up the when, how, and why to go to War.

The the Administration fucked up the fighting of the war.

Now we are plainly losing...or have simply lost the war.

Now they are "GIDDY" about the current debate on the war.

I suppose the Kaiser should have been giddy in the Summer of 1918 too.

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