Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Where have we heard this before?

Ron Suskind reports in his new book that the Bush Administration did actually "intentionally" send a missile into the Al Jazeera bureau in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Some of you may recall this incident in November 2001:

Al-Jazeera confirmed later that it was a US missile that destroyed the building and damaged the homes of some employees.

Al-Jazeera presenter
The station has been viewed with suspicion in the West for its access to the Taleban
"The situation is very critical," Mr Jasim told the BBC from the channel's offices in Doha.

"This office has been known by everybody, the American airplanes know the location of the office, they know we are broadcasting from there," he said.

Naturally, the White House denies this.

But, showing their usual inability to engage in putting past events together into current revalations, the American Press fails to note, what I a mere non-journalist, non-ethical blogger noticed immediately -- that not only was this alleged and suspected at the time it occurred -- but that Bush and throwing missiles into Al Jazeera offices is a pattern.

Nov. 30, 2005 - A British government crackdown on government leaks may have backfired by calling world attention to an ultrasensitive secret memo whose alleged contents have embarrassed President George W. Bush and strained relations between London and Washington. The document allegedly recounts a threat last year by Bush to bomb the head office of the Arabic TV news channel Al-Jazeera...

The UK Government quickly cracked down on releasing this document -- a sort of Downing Street Memos II.

Oh, and as commentor Bliekker reminded me, they also bombed the Al Jazeera office in Baghdad early on in the Iraq invasion, killing a correspondent.

Once again the American Press does a good job of not asking the difficult questions.

Let the "personal" attacks without addressing the substance of Suskind's allegations commence.

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