Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Oh god it will suck so much it will create the singularity

Some ideas are an intellectual "Plan 9 from Outer Space" -- like invading Iraq after a nutjob in Afghanistan attacked you.

Such is this idea:

FNC programming VP "Bill Shine is testing several pilots, and this is one of them," an FNC spokesperson says...

Last week, TVNewser asked if Fox was working on a show pilot styled after Jon Stewart's Daily Show on Comedy Central. Then yesterday, TVNewser asked if conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham was at FNC shooting something over the weekend.

The answers are yes and yes, and they're apparently related. An anonymous tipster says Ingraham's pilot is known as "Watch This Right Now." The tipster calls it "an absolutely terrible rip off of Daily Show" including a "music and video montage" and "mouth replacement of known news figures." (Huh?) "They want to keep it a secret so they hired all freelance tech people," the tipster adds. "The writers and producers should be embarassed to show this one to Roger."

Oh please let this be part of Satan Aisles plans for improving FNC's recent tail spin.

Think of the line up of comedians they could get to appear.

Larry the Cable Guy.


Larry the DirecTV Guy.


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