Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Year of "Little Debbie"

Deborah Howell reflects on yet another year for Thurston and she and the Island of Misfit Fantasists (i.e. the WaPo's Ombudsperson):

For example, less reporters and less reporting is not a tragedy; no it's an "opporturnity":

To look at the glass half empty, The Post will have fewer people reporting on what you need to know, and those who are doing it will have to work harder in three platforms -- print, the Web and radio -- with less space for news.

But to look at the glass half full, the contraction could make The Post crisper, more compact and more readable. A leading reason for canceling subscriptions is "no time to read." Reporters tend to want to write everything they know; I did it myself. Readers want to know only so much. The perfect length is a moving target. From the front page to the last page, The Post needs to be edited to respect readers' time.



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