Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cry Havoc and let slip the rimshots of war!

Richard Cohen wants you to remember:

First, let me state my credentials: I am a funny guy. This is well known in certain circles...

And he proved it after Stephen Colbert's performance before Bush and the media nearly three years ago.

Commentary, though, is also what I do, and it will make the point that Colbert was not just a failure as a comedian but rude.

So who better to condemn Jon Stewart this morning than Cohen?

The hunt is on for culprits and scapegoats, and Stewart has served up a cliche: the media. As with the war in Iraq, for which credulous media should take some responsibility, the sins are blown out of proportion.

And Cohen's sins -- especially -- are blown out of proportion, for example, invading Iraq, not because of evidence, but because Colin Powell said so:

Only a fool -- or possibly a Frenchman -- could conclude otherwise.

Any other punchlines about Iraq, Dick?

In a post-Sept. 11 world, I thought the prudent use of violence could be therapeutic.

Therapeutic...and funny.

C'est la vie.

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