Monday, March 28, 2011

Real Ambassadorial New Jersey

I'd guess this was a teapartier...except the likelihood they'd show up at a soccer game seems rather remote.

So I'll just guess it's a Christie supporter.

Reeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal classy.


Fixer said...

Excellent match (love watching Messi). Well, the 2nd half. Were it not for Tim Howard, it would have been 10 - 0 instead of a 1 - 1 draw. I guess we can thank the horrible pitch/carpet they put over the throwball (American football) grass for the Argentinians not being able to finish.

American fans will always be ... "exceptionally" American.

pansypoo said...

sports fans are a different hominid.

Steve Kish Mir Tuchis said...

I'm from New Jersey. It's the state with the highest concentration of assholes in the country north of the Mason-Dixon line.

And to all you rightwing commenters on the Asbury Park Press, eat shit and die. Sooner rather than later, dickwads.

Abu Scooter said...

The really sad part is that, right before this, the crowd sang (yes, actually sang!) "The Star-Spangled Banner" beautifully. And then these morons went and ruined it. Embarrassing.

As for the game: Wow. Might Juan Agudelo mean that U.S. actually has a striker worth worrying about? Great result for both teams, even though Argentina deserved the win.