Thursday, August 09, 2012

How very Mormonesque

It's only fitting -- in so many modern Republican ways:

Rafalca, the Olympic horse co-owned by Ann Romney, will compete for one or two more years before possibly becoming a broodmare, according to rider Jan Ebeling. "Since she's very sound, we're going to probably see her for another year or two and there are some thoughts about breeding her. I think she'd make a very good broodmare," he said. –New York Times

Sounds creepily like dinner-table chat at the Palins.


Anonymous said...

"Sounds creepily like dinner-table chat at the Palins."

Or at the Duggars'.

pansypoo said...

gotta get their moneys worth.

of curse i do not blame the horse, but her music man.

pluky said...

Okay now folks. Dump on Mittens all you want, but leave Rafalca alone. She incarnates beauty and grace, qualities the world could use more of IMHO. If she also has, as Mr. Ebeling seems to think, a temperment suitable to the care of a foal, so much the better for her.