Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Ironically there's no "bottom"

For homophobe Bryan Fischer and how low he'll sink:
Bryan Fischer: Children Of Same-Sex Couples Must Be Saved Through ‘Underground Railroad’ Kidnapping


pansypoo said...

must be pissed cause the kids of gays turn out better than hetero spawn.

Anonymous said...

I must have missed the bit in the New Testament that said, "yea brethren, let us plot federal crimes together in the name of the LAWD!"

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Fischer: Step up, big man. Come on, set an example for your followers. Come on, surely committing a serious felony is a small price to pay to save one innocent child from the evil clutches of the ghey! Go grab one and make yourself a martyr for the glorious and no-at-all-closeted cause.

Anonymous said...

any of his confused cohorts or listeners tries to touch one of my children, they'll be finding out right quick just how pathetic the protection of the non-existant sky buddy whispering sweet nothings in their head really is.

this is the kind of crap that terrorism REALLY IS folks.
quit laughing. STAND UP and ROAR! this guy is beyond loathsome, he is evil!