Monday, August 06, 2012

Yet again...blast from the not too distant past

This is the guy to whom Willard Bot 3000 has turned over foreign affairs:

Las Vegas Sands Corp, controlled by billionaire Republican donor Sheldon Adelson, is the target of a federal investigation into possible violations of U.S. money-laundering laws, the Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday. The Los Angeles U.S. attorney's office is looking into the casino company's handling of the receipt of millions of dollars from a Mexican businessman, later indicted in the United States for drug trafficking, and a former California businessman, later convicted of taking illegal kickbacks, the Journal said, citing lawyers and others involved in the matter.
Via the Political Carnival.


DanF said...

Might explain Sheldon's interest in purchasing a President this election cycle.

It would be wrong not to speculate.

pansypoo said...

speculation is the new news.